Puppy Socialiser

Dogs for Good

Name: Puppy Socialiser
Organisation: Dogs for Good
Location: Office F13, The Park Community Centre, Daventry Road, Knowle, Bristol, BS4 1DQ
Type: Full Time
Being a puppy socialiser is a hugely rewarding role but it does require a lot of commitment. You can watch a video about what its like to be a Puppy Socialiser at https://youtu.be/JGjrSJzzyps.


Can you can commit to caring for a puppy in your home for 16 – 18 months, have a secure garden, and won’t be away from the pup for more than four hours per day?

Dogs for Good trains very special dogs to help adults and children with a variety of disabilities. We also train dogs to support people with learning difficulties and a range of conditions including autism and dementia.

Although no experience is necessary, puppy socialisers are required to meet the following criteria:

You have a fully-fenced safe and secure garden

You are away from the puppy for no more than two hours (in the first few weeks) and four hours (for the remaining time you have the puppy) per day

Have no more than two existing pet dogs and be able to walk your puppy separately from your pet dogs.

That you drive or have access to someone at all times who can drive you and the puppy

With the support of our puppy department train the puppy in the basics, i.e. house training, general obedience and walking on the lead

Able to spend some time every day on activities to socialise the puppy. Environments that need to be covered at some time include train stations, buses, shops and crowded and rural areas

To be able to attend monthly puppy classes and allow home visits from a member of our puppy training team

You are able to provide the puppy with regular contact with children, other dogs and cats.

Main tasks:

• Maintain health and welfare of the puppy in accordance with our guidelines

• Provide ongoing basic obedience along with a gradual introduction to new environments, with the help and support of the Puppy Co-ordinators

• Adhere to advice and carry out any instructions given by the Puppy Co-ordinators, keeping them updated regularly on the progress of the dog

• Attend regular puppy training classes

• Allow a Puppy Co-ordinator to visit you in your home to carry out regular assessments and support visits

• To ensure, if and when appropriate, that the puppy receives emergency veterinary care as soon as possible and that Dogs for Good is informed at the earliest opportunity.

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Organisation Description

Since 1988, Dogs for Good has been making life-changing differences for people with disabilities. We support people with complex needs including physical disabilities, autism, dementia and learning disabilities enabling them to lead more independent lives through the help of trained dogs.

Our assistance dogs support both children and adults to provide practical support, enrich daily life and overcome specific challenges.

Our community dogs work alongside a specialist handler in schools and colleges, hospitals and in social care. Over their lifetime, a community dog helps dozens of people to overcome challenges, supporting them to achieve goals such as development of life-skills, overcoming anxiety or engaging with physiotherapy, using techniques known as animal assisted intervention (AAI).

Our Family Dog service offers training, guidance and ongoing support to parents of children on the autism spectrum enabling the whole family to benefit from the unique support a well-trained dog can bring.

We believe dogs are good for us and through a deeper understanding about them we can improve and enhance the lives of both dog and owner.


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Cause / Interests

  • Animals
  • Disability

Types of Activity

  • General and Helping
  • Teaching, Training and Coaching

Skills and Qualifications


Desired skills/abilities:

Although no experience is necessary as all relevant support and training will be provided, Puppy Socialisers are required to meet the following criteria:

• You should live within one of our specified puppy scheme areas

• You have a fully fenced, safe and secure garden

• Any children within the home should be over the age of two years old, although younger children may be taken into consideration

• You are away from the puppy for no more than four hours a day (two hours when the puppy is under 16 weeks of age)

• Your circumstances and routine are reasonably stable and consistent

• You are able to provide the puppy with regular exercise, contact with children, other dogs and cats.


You get to care for a puppy and start them on their journey of becoming a life-changing assistance dog. You will meet new friends as all the Puppy Socialisers support each other and meet regularly at the Puppy Classes in Bristol. You will also have the opportunity to attend Dogs for Good fundraising and awareness events to help us raise awareness for the charity.

Additional/Specific Suitabilities

Minimum Age: 18
Maximum Age: NA
Disabled Access: No
Wheelchair Access: No
Expenses: NA
Restrictions: NA
Induction: Yes
Insurance Cover: Yes
Special Needs: NA
Offer: Yes
Training: Yes
Other: NA

Recruitment Method

Application form, References